Forming Loving Disciples of Jesus Christ

who reach out to the world with the Good News


Forming loving disciples of Jesus Christ who reach out to the world with the Good News”: this is the declared purpose of All Saints Parish and we take it seriously. God loves us and has come close to us in Jesus his son. He wants to strengthen and guide us and comfort us in our need. That is what we believe at All Saints Parish and we would be delighted to help you grow in this experience.
Best wishes,
Father Don Larson, Pastor


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All Public Health Orders for Religious Services have been lifted as of July 1, 2021.

Weekday Mass Times

Monday  9:00 am
Tuesday  7:00 pm

Wednesday  9:00 am

Thursday  9:00 am

Friday  9:00 am 

First Friday Additional 7:00 pm

Saturday  9:00 am

Sunday Mass Times

Saturday  5:00 pm
Sunday  9:00 am 

Sunday  11:00 am 
Sunday  7:00 pm 

Confession Times

Saturday 9:30 am - 11:30 am

Or call Fr. Don (778) 899-3303
in case of emergency

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