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Dec, 18th Pastor Message

Read this week's message from Father Don


Dear friends,

Let us rediscover the mystery of Christmas.

How could God become a man? Why did he empty himself and humble himself so dramatically? Why did the birth of the Saviour require the consent of the young woman Mary? How did the birth of Jesus change the life of all human beings?

Christian faith is rooted in this vast mystery of God-in-the-flesh and our lives as Christians must preserve this sense of mystery which is so foreign to contemporary society.

The modern world is shaped by a scientific mindset, founded on the belief that, with enough effort, human beings can explain and understand everything. Further, our world is convinced that technology will eventually solve all problems.

While Christianity gratefully accepts the advances made by science and the great benefits of technology, it continues to insist there are many things that human beings cannot do and cannot truly understand. Life is so much more than we can comprehend or control. Our existence itself is a vast wonder, a profound mystery that ought to move men and women to deep humility and awe.

Look up at the stars, look at a new-born baby, look into the eyes of your loving spouse and recognize the mystery that is set before you. Then ponder the greatest of all mysteries – God, creator of heaven and earth, asleep in a manger.


Father Don

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