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Feb 13th Pastor Message

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Dear friends

What is God’s vision for All Saints Parish in 2022?

That was the question guiding the recent prayer reflection of the Parish Leadership Team and Vision Strategy Team. Various messages from the Holy Spirit were received during the time of reflection: I am the Good Shepherd. I know my sheep and they know me; People over programs; Soothe the troubled hearts in our community; Hold my people in your heart; Meet people where they are at.

In prayer the Holy Spirit seemed to be calling us to give primary importance to relationship-building and to show a tender compassionate concern for God’s people. This caring, of course, must be genuine, not just empty talk. After discussion, we discerned the following vision for 2022: JESUS CARES. WE CARE.

The care of Jesus for us is not an abstract idea but a practical reality. He knows what is going on in our lives and desires to assist us in our needs. We may ask “If Jesus cares about us so much why does he set upon us such difficult demands, like loving our enemies? Let’s look at this in a different way.

Jesus knows that hating our enemies is harmful to us and he wants to protect us from this harm, that is, he wants to remove the hatred from our hearts. Knowing our weakness, Jesus does not ask us to produce this change of heart by our own strength, rather he offers to come and change our hearts for us.

Jesus cares for us by showing that a better life is possible when we unite ourselves to his super-caring heart. His care is expressed not simply by solving our problems but by empowering us to love others better and trust in him more deeply, that is, by empowering us to care as he cares.

At Sunday mass throughout February we will be looking at this beautiful theme: Jesus cares about us so much that he wants to help us care for others.

Love Fr Don

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