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Feb 18th Parish Life

Find out what's been going on in the Parish

In this issue

  • Michael Yeo Retirement

  • 2024 Financial Commitment

  • Youth Night

  • QAS & K of C Celebrate Shrove Tuesday

  • Recent Sock & Toiletry Drive For The Gordon Shelter


Michael Yeo has finally retired

After 30 years serving as the Parish Secretary and Bookkeeper, Michael Yeo has finally retired. The new parish bookkeeper is Tia Tjandisaka. There will be a retirement dinner for Michael after Easter.   

2024 Financial Commitment

At the beginning of the year, Fr. Don challenged us to share what we have with the church. To follow up on your decision for financial commitment, here are the next steps should you choose to:

  1. Start Using Donation Envelopes: Please visit/contact the parish office, and we can provide you with an envelope for your donations.

  2. Sign Up for Online Giving: There are 2 ways or options to do it

    1. Go to Giving section of our parish website [Giving | All Saints Parish) and download the Dedicated Giving forms. Drop them off at the parish office or email the completed forms to

    2. Go to

  3. Increase Your Monthly Donation: Email and let us know the changes you want to make.

Thank you for your generosity and commitment to supporting All Saints Parish. Your contributions make a significant difference in our community, and we are truly grateful for your ongoing support - Tia Tjandisaka, Parish Bookkeeper

Youth Night

All Saints Parish Youth Ministry hosted a lively early Valentine's event that brought together around 30 youth on February 11th.

At the gathering, participants enjoyed the exciting activities of making bubble tea and crafting Japanese dogs.

The atmosphere was vibrant, filled with laughter and the joy of learning something new. Here's to more exciting events and building strong connections among our dynamic youth!

QAS & K of C Celebrate Shrove Tuesday

To celebrate Shrove Tuesday, the Knights of Columbus hosted all students and teachers of our school to a delightful pancake breakfast.

A big thank you to the Knights for all their generosity to the school and the parish. Here are some clicks of the day.

Recent Sock & Toiletry Drive For The Gordon Shelter

On behalf of the CWL, I want to extend our appreciation for supporting our donation drive to the Gordon Shelter. 

Your kindness makes a real difference in the individual and families at the shelter.  It’s through such acts of giving that we are able to continue offering hope, dignity, and assistance to those experiencing homelessness and hardship in our community.

Thanks and God Bless you for your generosity.

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