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July 3th Around the Archdiocese

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  • Men's Retreat


Men's Retreat

We are in a struggle to become men. Good men. Embrace the process. Find freedom. Face fear. Fight for truth. Solid in the most important arenas. Become the man you were designed to be. Join us at Rockridge Canyon in Princeton, BC from September 30 - October 2 for The Men’s Retreat, hosted by Jake Khym and Life Restoration Ministries.

The Men's Retreat offers something for everyone: adventure, brotherhood, powerful keynotes, prayer, Sacraments, and the rugged outdoor beauty of Rockridge Canyon. This year's speakers include Jake Khym, Brett Powell and other solid men from the Archdiocese of Vancouver. This is not "just another retreat," this is THE Men's Retreat. It’s open to all men 19 and up, but space is limited. Early bird registration opens Saturday, July 9 at 9:00 am and packages begin at $300.

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