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June 2nd Pastor's Message

Read this week's message from Father Don


Dear parishioners

Do you believe the Lord Jesus is truly present in the eucharist and gives himself to us in holy communion? Today, the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi), is a good time to ask yourself that question.

A story

In 1263, a German priest who was doubting that Jesus was truly present in the eucharist made a pilgrimage to Rome. On his way he stopped to say mass at the small town of Bolsena. At the time of consecration drops of blood began to fall from the host onto the cloth below. The amazed priest, his faith in the eucharist now fully restored, took the blood-stained cloth to Pope Urban IV who was residing at nearby Orvieto. A year later the pope established a feast in honour of the eucharist i.e., Corpus Christi.

A new eucharistic miracle

In our day, a good number of the faithful are in the same unfortunate situation as the doubting priest, receiving communion without much understanding or faith in the extraordinary reality of the eucharist. I believe a new eucharistic miracle is needed, not a host dripping blood, but a widespread rediscovery of the eucharistic Jesus present in our midst.

The Christian life is about growth and the Lord provides us with a great variety of growth opportunities suitable to our level of spiritual commitment and understanding. The eucharist is a uniquely exalted opportunity for growth.

We must be clear. Receiving holy communion is not a Catholic stamp of approval for our good behaviour. Neither is it a kind of magic that will help us grow in holiness if we do not sincerely desire this. No, the eucharist is a much more mysterious and demanding gift, Jesus the Saviour infusing himself into open hearts that long to be transformed by his love.

If we consider Christ to be an essential source of strength for our lives, let us enter deeply into the mystery of the eucharist. If, however, we do not view Christ as essential, receiving a blessing at the time of holy communion would be more spiritually fruitful for us.

Let us desire something more than routine and casual participation in the eucharistic sacrifice. Let us desire new life flowing from the pierced side of the crucified Saviour.



Fr Don

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