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June 5th What's Happening?

Find out what's happening in the Parish this week.

In this issue

  • Young Adults BBQ

  • Adoration Night

  • Healing Prayer team


Young Adults BBQ

Save the date friends - we have our Young Adults BBQ planned for;

June 10th at6:30pm, we look forward to kicking off the summer season together!

Refreshments will be provided - feel free to bring your own. We are excited to offer a chance to win some gift card prizes too!

Please register so we know how much food to provide!


Eucharistic Adoration is a wonderful way to grow closer to Jesus. Please join us on Thursday, June 16 from 6-10 pm in the church.

Healing Prayer team

The pandemic continues to bring many of us challenges in our day-to-day living. Whether you suffer from physical, emotional, intellectual, financial and/or spiritual problems. Each of us try our best to cope in our own way, however, this is not enough. Now more than ever, we need the healing and enabling power of the Holy Spirit.

This Pentecost Sunday, after all of the masses, the All Saints Healing Team will be offering healing prayers at the back of the church.

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