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May 5th Pastor's Message

Read this week's message from Father Don


Dear parishioners

Thank you to those parishioners who signed up for volunteering during our recent volunteer commitment campaign.  In total, 58 parishioners signed up to assist with short two-hour tasks and 64 signed up to join a parish group. As with the February financial commitment campaign in which 160 families signed up, the volunteer sign-up was a great first step.

In two weeks we will celebrate the sending of the Holy Spirit upon the Church at Pentecost. This wonderful feast reminds us that God is always active in our lives, in the Church and in the world. The Holy Spirit is “God working,” God applying to the world the salvation won for us by Christ.  

One great thing about the Holy Spirit is that he works with us at our own pace and in a way we are able to receive. He is gentle, not pushy, and offers us just what we need at the present moment. When things are challenging, he is the One who comforts and encourages us. When we wish to grow, he is the One who guides and supports us. 

I know that at times I can be too demanding, as can the Church herself. I have a deep desire for the parish to be renewed and for all its members to enter into personal closeness to Jesus. In announcing this message I am often insensitive to the practical reality of your lives. My eagerness can probably be alienating. Please forgive me if, at times, my words are too pushy. 

Fortunately, the Holy Spirit is not like that. He is infinitely patient and works with us “where we are at.” He desires our growth but knows that individuals, including priests, grow at their own pace and in their own way. Truly it is the Holy Spirit, not me or even the pope, who can best comfort and encourage you. 

Let us call upon the Holy Spirit daily. He is the Great Consoler who loves us as we are and will not pressure us to change until we ourselves are ready. 



Fr Don

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