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Nov.,14th Parish Life?

Find out what's happening in the Parish this Fall.

In this issue

  • All Saints Day Photos

  • Adoration Glory Story!

  • Women's Alpha Glory Story


All Saints Day Photos

On Sunday, October 31, we celebrated our All Saints’ Feastday with an All Saints Art Gallery. The Gallery was filled with artwork from children of our parish. It was a comparatively toned-down celebration, but it was a step to bringing our community together once again, after the years of physical distance.

We had lots of goodies to enjoy, thanks to the generosity of many confirmation students and families, who lovingly prepared and individually wrapped them! Thanks to many parishioners who donated cash, gift cards, and gift items that we shared at the raffle draw!

Finally, we had prizes to give to the two sets of winners for the Best Saints Costume Contest for the 9 am and the 11 am Mass.

The sun shone brightly on this morning of our celebration! It was a lovely day to be together once more!

Ivy Barcelon

Adoration Glory Stories

Recently the Parish had an Adoration Night filled with music, testimonies and a social afterwards. The theme of the night was "You have been chosen." Betty Lim invited her friends to come and was delightfully surprised!

"I invited two of my friends to come to the adoration with praise and worship. They said yes and it was such a beautiful experience. I thought the music would be loud and too hyped, but it was calm and soothing and helped enhance our time with Jesus. My friends want to come again." - Betty Lim

Alpha Women's Glory Story

I am presently doing Alpha for the fourth time - fourth, you read right! You are probably wondering why would I keep doing Alpha - isn’t the message the same each time - well not really. You see, besides listening to the videos, a big part of Alpha is sharing and hearing other people’s perspectives. I keep learning from others as they share things that make me reflect and really think. As a cradle Catholic, I grew up memorizing the Baltimore Catholic so having a personal relationship with Jesus is something that I only started as an adult. It takes time to feel comfortable to share our feelings and thoughts especially about the faith but Alpha provides a comfortable atmosphere for me and others to do so.

At times, someone will share something that is difficult to share but chances are, others in the group may have felt the same way. I often share with the participants in my group that I value what they have shared because, for me, I keep reflecting on the session for about a day or two afterwards. It can be hard to open up and talk with others that we don’t know well but I have found that Alpha and the CCO studies provide topics that are easy to understand (no theology degree required!) and at the sessions, other parishioners are learning just like me. The CCO studies have helped to enrich my faith study because now as a leader, I can see others being reminded of impactful truths about our faith and how it has really touched their hearts. If you have never done a faith study before, now is the time to come and check it out. If you think the studies are too basic, I challenge you to come and become part of the active fellowship of the parish and grow alongside the words of your fellow parishioners. What have you got to lose?

- Laura Wilson

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