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Nov.,14th Pastor Message

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

A message from Father Don!


Dear friends,

Here is a wonderful scripture verse for you to memorize:

“God loved the world so much he gave his only son so that all who believe in him might not perish but have eternal life.”

John 3.16 is a short summary of the basic Christian message, the Good News of Jesus Christ, sometimes called “the kerygma.”

There are four elements to the Good News:

  1. God created us in love, fashioning us in his own image. We exist in order to love, above all, to love God, our Creator.

  2. Adam (representing all humankind) disobeyed God, and this led to an alienation from God and many other problems as well: suffering, fear, selfishness, death. We want to be in charge of our own lives, not dependent on the Creator.

  3. God sent his own Son into the world to restore our damaged relationship with Him and lead us to the fullness of life. Jesus sacrificed himself for us.

  4. We must turn back to God, place our faith in Jesus the Saviour and set him at the centre of our lives. This requires a personal choice and commitment to Christ.

If we sincerely accept this Good News, it will radically change our lives, giving us a new identity as beloved children of God, confident hope for the future, strength in our struggles and the companionship of other believers.

Often, however, we are too busy to think about big truths like the Good News or feel we can take care of ourselves and don’t need God’s help. Some of us may fear rejection by our friends if we accept Jesus as Lord of our lives. Only the Holy Spirit can overcome these personal obstacles, so we must call upon him frequently: “Spirit of God, help me open my heart to the Good News of Jesus.”

Allowing the Good News to take root in our hearts is usually a gradual process. That was my experience. I began to open my heart to Christ when I was 16, but it took another five years before I could fully surrender to him. Fortunately, we do not need to make this journey alone. We belong to a Christian community, and it is there, above all, that we grow in faith.

At All Saints, here is our process for forming strong Catholic Christians:

  1. Becoming curious. “Is there more to the Catholic faith than attending Sunday mass? Do I really need Jesus? Why, what difference does he make?

  2. Exploring Christian faith and community through ALPHA

  3. Growing in closeness to Jesus through the faith studies of Catholic Christian Outreach.

  4. Learning to share Jesus with others through Discipleship groups

  5. Reaching out to non-believers as part of the Parish Outreach team.

My friends, we are loved by the God who made us. Nothing will do us so much good as setting the Good News at the center of our lives. We are in this together.

Love Father Don

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