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Nov 20th Around the Archdiocese

Find out what's happing around the Archdiocese

  • Annual Gold Mass for Scientists at UBC

  • CPC Public Lecture


Annual Gold Mass for Scientists at UBC

Wednesday, November 23, 12:10pm

Science students, faculty and staff from UBC, SFU and other post-secondary institutions as well as scientists and science educators are invited. A lunch reception will follow in Plato's Cave adjacent to the church, hosted by St. Mark's at UBC, SFU Catholic Chaplaincy and the Society of Catholic Scientists, with funding from the John Templeton Foundation.

CPC Public Lecture

Upcoming public lecture at Catholic Pacific College! Wednesday, November 30, 7 pm at the CPC building.

In Plato's Republic, the soul is presented to the reader through the image of a city. Can we see the same thing in the Church, the image of a soul? If so, what can we learn about the human person in light of the Church? By looking at what the Church is, this talk will explore how the Church in herself and as herself provides an image, a symbol, that sets out for us the importance of our embodied sexed condition as man and woman.

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