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Nov.,28th Parish Life

Find out what's happening in the Parish this Fall.

In this issue

  • ASPYM Alpha Retreat

  • Advent Wreath Making

  • Past Homilies


ASPYM Alpha Retreat

This past Sunday, our Youth Ministry (ASPYM) had their first Youth Alpha Retreat! Our day was filled with games, dodgeball, tacos, Alpha videos, discussions, adoration, Mario Kart, and a lot of pops. Our goal for the retreat was for the youth to encounter the Holy Spirit, no matter where they were in their faith journey. We fully realized that goal with an adoration session filled with ‘pray-overs’, praise and worship music, and some tears. Each youth had the opportunity to get prayed over. In the ‘pray-overs’, we invited the Holy Spirit to give us an image, word or phrase, unique to each youth.

We want to thank the cooks, musicians and Priests who helped us put on this retreat. We're so excited to see what the Holy Spirit continues to do in our community!

Advent Wreath Making

It was a cold, rainy night, but it did not stop our families, friends, and parishioners from coming to the traditional Advent-wreath making!

We were kept warm by Coffee, Hot chocolate, our special apple cider, and the snacks that some PREP parents made!

The Altar Servers Society members, led by May Vianzon, served as mentors for the newbies in wreath-making! They also spent time teaching the Confirmation students the basics of flower arrangement on the spot!

It was a wonderful night of coming together once more, and the spirit of the season resonated alongside the Christmas songs in the background.

Families were delighted to see each other after the long absence. It was a surprise to see some kids who have grown so tall over the years!

This year, PREP confirmation students did their service hours helping out people where they could. They efficiently helped clean up and mop the floor! With their help, it did not take us long to have the place spick-n-span by the end of our activity.

When the Confirmation students were asked what they learned from the experience, several said they were shy to offer help because they were unsure how to ask. However, the students learned that it was a "good feeling to be able to help others out. It was fun, and they learned the virtues of charity and love of others."

PREP Confirmation students -- Happy to serve!

Advent wreaths are not primarily decorative! It is refreshing to see dads participate in The ritual and the prayers mark its value to our the advent preparations!


'Twas a night of coming together...once again. After years of making wreaths-- we nailed We take every chance we can to bond as a it this time! - The Eivemarks!

community - while we can.

Intergenerational opportunity!

The ladies are ready to pass on

the legacy of flower arrangement.

Past Homilies

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