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Nov.,28th What's Happening?

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Find out what's happening in the Parish this Fall.

In this issue

  • St Vincent de Paul Christmas Hampers

  • Advent Giving Tree

  • Simbang Gabi

  • Submitting News

  • 60th Annual Knights of Columbus Charity Appeal


St Vincent de Paul Christmas Hampers

SVDP is now taking names and phone numbers of people wanting to go on our Christmas hamper list. Please phone 604-518-7200 and leave your name and phone number before December 18th, 2021. Thank you and God bless.

Advent Giving Tree

This year the parish will be donating gifts to charitable organizations. To donate, Take a gift tag from the giving tree in the church foyer and return the gift in a bag with the tag firmly attached by December 15th.

Check out the organizations were working with this year!

Simbang Gabi

All Saints Parish is organizing Simbang Gabi again this year after we missed last year on account of the pandemic. Simbang Gabi is being coordinated by Arnel/Vivian Balmeo and will run at 7:00 pm, on December 15 to 23, except for the 18th when it would be held at 5:00 pm. Simbang Gabi is the novena of nine masses celebrated before Christmas to honor the annunciation or expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is now recognized as a gift the Filipino community has shared in our local church.

In All Saints Parish, the Masses are further connected with the parish’s spiritual formation programs through thematic preaching for each celebration. Come join and be blessed with the Eucharist, followed by fellowship, food and lots of fun!

Submitting News

Do you want something featured in the Parish News? You can now submit news right on the Parish Website! At the top of the News page, there's a form to submit a message that you would like featured in the next Parish news!

60th Annual Knights of Columbus Charity Appeal

Are you having trouble winning the 6/49? Play a lottery that not only gives you better odds of winning but will make you feel good about buying a ticket since you know your money will go to help a charity.

The top prize is $60,000 and tickets are only $3.Click the button below to buy tickets!

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