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Oct 1st Parish Life

Find out what's been going on in the Parish

In this issue

  • Buen Camino-By Fr. Bryan

  • Gratitude Overflowing: Welcome Back BBQ Bash!

  • Upper Room Conference


Buen Camino-By Fr. Bryan

Buen camino! This traditional Spanish greeting for the pilgrim means literally “Good way!” and refers to both the physical and the spiritual journey of the pilgrimage. As I walked for four weeks along the northern coast of Spain towards Santiago de Compostella locals and fellow pilgrims alike would call out Buen Camino! when we passed each other on “the way” or “el Camino”. It was an extraordinary few weeks with many graces and some challenges and I am very grateful for the opportunity to have walked this ancient path to the tomb of the Apostle James, the brother of John. Some highlights include the incredible natural beauty along the coast, the unforgettable conversations with the fellow pilgrims I met along the way, the taste of Spanish culture, and the extended time to pray and reflect upon God’s presence on the journey of life. Early on my Camino I (and 100 other pilgrims) stayed in the home of Padre Ernesto, an 86-year-old priest who houses and feeds pilgrims at his family’s estate in a small town called Guemes. Padre Ernesto, along with opening his home and providing a meal for us, also shared with us some words of wisdom and encouragement. He remarked that life is like a Camino, a pilgrimage, that is more about the journey than the destination. He encouraged us to slow down and be patient, and when discouraged or overwhelmed to keep walking with hope and a focus on the next task at hand and simply look for the next sign post to guide our way. There were many such reflections and much to ponder as I walked in the footsteps of hundreds of thousands of pilgrims who, like me, were looking for God’s presence and coming to Him with their searching hearts. Like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, I seemed to find Him most often in the stranger on the road. I prayed for each of you at the shrine of St. James and remembered you there at Mass – thank you all for your prayers for me, and “Buen camino!”

Gratitude Overflowing: Welcome Back BBQ Bash!

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended and made our Welcome Back Event such a resounding success. Your presence, warm smiles, and enthusiasm filled the day with joy. Special thanks to our dedicated parish and school volunteers and organizers who worked tirelessly to create a memorable experience. Special thanks to the Knight's of Columbus for cooking the food for us. Let's carry this spirit of togetherness forward as we continue to grow in faith and community. Stay tuned for more wonderful parish school gatherings on the horizon! Enjoy the pictures.

Upper Room Conference

Last Saturday, over twenty All Saints parishioners had the opportunity to experience the Upper Room Conference hosted by Proclaim. This enriching day-long event featured inspiring talks, heartfelt worship, and opportunities for fellowship with over 500 attendees from across the diocese. Through smaller breakout sessions and discussions with parishes within our deanery, we delved into topics of leadership, community building, and visioning. Witnessing the strong presence of leaders was truly inspiring. We were reminded about how the power of the Holy Spirit who transformed the church at Pentecost is still alive and working today, ready to transform our parishes.

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