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Oct., 3rd Outside World

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Marriage and Family Life Through the Eyes of St. Joseph

What do Saint Joseph and Mother Mary have to teach young families? A lot! We may think that the Saints are so other-worldly that they are inaccessible to us or have little to offer us as our lives are filled with diaper changes, financial stress, crazy schedules and lack of sleep.

Please join us online on October 8 at 7 PM to discover how Saint Joseph and Mother Mary can be our allies and role models in our ordinary family lives. During this webinar, Brett and Andrea Powell will be joined by their son Jacob and his wife Reanne to discuss human love, marriage, parenting, chastity, sexuality, and more

Andrea and Brett grew up in Saskatoon but now live in Coquitlam, BC. They have been dating, engaged and married for 31 years. They have 8 wonderful kids and recently gained a daughter-in-law. Brett and Andrea served as missionaries with CCO for 18 years. Andrea is a part-time elementary school teacher and Brett serves as the Archbishop’s Delegate for Development and Ministries in the Archdiocese of Vancouver. He also has a popular blog and podcast ( They have much to share about the importance of prioritizing marriage in the midst of a busy life full of curveballs... but by no means feel like experts!

Jacob and Reanne have been married for three years and live in Saskatoon, SK. They have an almost-two-year-old daughter and a baby on the way. Jacob grew up playing high-level sports and came to the University of Saskatchewan to play soccer. He graduated with a BA in Marketing and loves working with small businesses and entrepreneurs. Reanne spent many years working and travelling with her family doing Cat.Chat concerts and helping develop Catholic resources for kids. She spent a year at St. Therese Institute and loves reading, graphic design, and learning how to keep up with a busy toddler.

Catholic Charismatic Conference 2021

The Vancouver Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services is hosting a conference from Oct., 22nd (6-9 pm) to the 23rd (9 am-4:30 pm).

Fr. Mark Cherry and Andi Oney will be the Guest speakers! The theme this year is "Humbly, Come back to Me." The conference will be at the IC Delta School Gym (882 199th Street, Delta Bc)

Tickets are $20

Please call 604-597-8227 for more information!

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