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Sept 17th Pastor's Message

Read this week's message from Father Don


Dear friends,

Let us call upon the Holy Spirit every day, asking for comfort, strength, and guidance so we can live good Christian lives.

In the Sunday gospels this month, Jesus speaks of resolving disputes, forgiving others, and accepting the cross of trust and self-giving. These are difficult challenges we cannot undertake in our own strength. Each of them requires a deep change of heart and this is the work of the Holy Spirit.

Similarly, the renewal of the Church is the Holy Spirit’s work.

As your pastor, I have often spoken about the need for the parish to be renewed so it can effectively carry out the mission Jesus gave to us. To advance this renewal, parish leadership has launched numerous initiatives, including changes in the liturgy, community-building activities, and various faith-formation programs. Some of these have been successful, some less so. This experience has strengthened my conviction that church renewal is ultimately the work of the Holy Spirit.

At best, our programs provide opportunities for the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of believers, recognizing that the Spirit works whenever and wherever he can, even outside church-led initiatives. He follows his own plan and his own timetable. We must try to cooperate with the Spirit but he alone is the renewer of the Church and the world.

In our personal lives and in the life of the Church, therefore, we need to call upon the Holy Spirit often and place our trust in him.

Here is a simple prayer that I use frequently: Come Holy Spirit and baptize me with the fire of your love. I need your power in my life. Please, come and fill me now. Amen.


Father Don

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