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Sept 3rd Pastor's Message

Read this week's message from Father Don


Dear friends,

It is the beginning of the new programming season in the parish (most of our activities run from September to June). It is also a time of transition in the parish staff.

Our secretary Janet Pearson retired at the end of August and her replacement Ianne Rickson is just starting in the role. This is just the latest in a series of staffing changes in the parish.

Michael Yeo retired as secretary two years ago (but continued as bookkeeper), Deacon Greg and Ivy left a year ago, Maria Dosen resigned as Head of Young Family Formation at the end of June and Michael will finish as bookkeeper at the end of December.

Times of transition are challenging. Farewells are sad and forming new employees into an effective team takes considerable time and energy. Please pray for me and the staff during this time of adjustment.

+ + +

The Catholic Church itself is in a time of transition. New pastoral approaches and emphases are becoming common and changes in parish structure may soon be required. This can be unsettling for some of the faithful.

Despite these changes, the Church continues to be that stable structured community founded by Jesus Christ 2000 years ago. Jesus works in and through his church to build the Kingdom of God and transform the lives of believers. These are certain facts. The scriptures, the saints, and church history attest to this truth: the Church will continue the saving work of Jesus until he returns in glory.

At the heart of the Church lives the Holy Spirit, the dynamic elusive third person of the Trinity. He acts with power in the believing community and the lives of believers, as well as, in the world. Often, of course, we cannot see the Spirit working because he works in mysterious hidden ways, wherever and whenever he finds an opportunity. Probably our pastoral plans don’t always correspond to his, but we persevere in trying to provide Him with suitable opportunities to touch peoples’ hearts.

The Holy Spirit wants to do new things in the Church, the world, and our parish. Let us call upon Him daily, asking for strength and wisdom so we can deal well with our changing world.


Father Don

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