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April 21st Parish Life

Find out what's been going on in the Parish

In this issue

  • Legion of Mary

  • So Long Farewell


Legion of Mary

Legion of Mary members of All Saints attended the annual consecration to Mary called ACIES as St Luke's Parish at Maple Ridge last March 23, 2024.

ACIES is a Legion’s solemn ceremony in which as a body assembles to renew their faithfulness to Mary, Queen of the Legion, and from her to receive strength and blessing for another year's battle with forces of evil. It is a solemn expression of union and dependence on Mary, it’s Queen and Mother. 

Legion of Mary is welcoming new members. 

Contact Sr Ianne Rickson at 604-939-1741 or 604-401-7908 for more details.

So Long Farewell

On Saturday, April 13th we celebrated our friend, colleague and Parish Secretary Michael Yeo.

Even though Michael has retired from the Parish Office, he is still a huge part of this Parish and we will continue to see him around.

It's difficult to add all the pictures from the party here, so look out in the foyer for a poster board with all the pictures from Michael's celebration. Coming soon!

If you have not yet, please sign the padlet by clicking this link - Padlet Message

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