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April 21st Pastor's Message

Read this week's message from Father Don


Dear parishioners

Life is super-busy, isn’t it? Going to work, maintaining the house, driving kids back and forth. Even priests find themselves overwhelmed with tasks. What I am starting to notice is that lots of daily tasks are simply “things we have to do,” mundane tasks which add little of value to our lives or that of others. They are part of the dull routine of life. Do you think that perhaps we are worth more than that?

One great way to break out and do something life-giving is to start volunteering. Caring for someone else or undertaking a task that is neither work-related nor home-related is good for us. It introduces something new into our lives and, for Christians, it deepens our closeness to Jesus who came “not to be served but to serve (Matthew 20.28).”

+  +   +

I grew up in a Baptist Church where, beginning in my teens, I was actively involved with church activities. Along with other kids, I set up for church gatherings, served tea to the adults, sang Christmas carols at nursing homes, did gardening for the retired minister, and other similar tasks. In this I followed the example of my devout mother who said “If you care about Jesus you must get involved with helping the church.”  It is a lesson that has shaped my life.

Volunteering in the church, I found, was a great way to make friends. I got to know the parishioners and they got to know me. Through this I gained a real sense of community belonging, of being valued and respected by those around me. 

Friendship and belonging are so important in our lives. It is an area where many in the contemporary world struggle. Lack of long-term friendships and a place of belonging are widespread.

+   + +

We are blessed at All Saints to belong to a great community. Sunday worship is enjoyable and our social gatherings are fun. It is even better when we develop close friendships with our fellow parishioners through participation in a volunteer group or tasks.  That is why I am encouraging you to make a commitment to parish volunteering. 

Next Sunday on April 27-28 you will have an opportunity to join a parish group/ministry OR sign-up for a small one-time task in the parish. If you prefer, you can sign up through this on-line link

Parish groups and one-time tasks you could sign-up for include: Catholic Women’s League, Knights of Columbus, sacristans, Catholic Street Missionaries, Saturday work party, First Communion helper, new school family dinner and many others. A complete list can be found through the on-line link or on the April 21 handout. 

This year let us deepen our parish friendships through volunteering. It will be personally rewarding and advance the work of Jesus in the world.


Fr Don

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