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Dec.,12th Around the Archdiocese

Find out what's happing around the Archdiocese

  • Blue Light Campaign

  • Advent Preparation

  • St. Ignatius Retreat

  • Bereavement Training Program


Blue Light Campaign

We’ve decorated our Church with blue lights as part of the Archdiocese of Vancouver’s Blue Light campaign. Blue is the colour of the Blessed Virgin Mary and so signifies trust and confidence in God, purity, virginity, innocence, and birth. It’s also a sign of hope and solidarity with families who have lost loved ones and are experiencing a “blue Christmas” this year.

Many other parishes have been decorated with blue lights this Christmas. Consider making a visit to nearby parishes to view the lights; click the button below for a list of participating parish.

Advent Preparation

This Advent and Christmas, we are uniting with the theme Jesus Our Living Hope. Learn about spiritual opportunities to prepare for Christmas by clicking below!

St.Ignatius Retreat

The St.Ignatius retreat is an intensive Retreat offered in the Archdiocese. Each participant has their own personal Retreat Director.

The Retreat focuses on your actual Experience of God, practicum of Discernment, finding the Lord in the deepest areas of one’s soul, praying through one’s own life and the life of Christ, experiencing God’s Presence, Healing, and Call to salvation and vocation, including any major decisions.

The Retreat is held in 2 Parts (May to June & October to April)

Requirements include:

  • Daily: 1 hour prayer period - plus 15 minutes short prayer

  • Weekly online meetings with your Retreat Director,

  • Online instructional session (using Microsoft Teams & Skype)

  • [weekly in Part 1; monthly in Part 2]

  • A silent retreat day (a specified Saturday)

Application deadline: January 31, 2022 Registration fee: $100 (bursaries available).

Bereavement Training Program

This 6-week training course is aimed at those who want to start a bereavement ministry in their parish. The course sessions include what is grief, how do we actively listen, facilitating a bereavement ministry/group, resources for those grieving, and understanding more about grief.

Starting Wednesday, Jan 12, 2022, weekly until February 16, 2022, on Wednesdays 6:30 PM

at the John Paul II Pastoral Centre.

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