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Feb.,27th What's Happening?

Find out what's happening in the Parish this new year.

In this issue

  • New Parish Emails

  • Ash Wednesday

  • Stations of the Cross

  • Hollow Prayer app

  • Handmaids of the Lord Christian Life Program

  • CWL Purdys


New Parish Emails

All Saints now has new uniform emails to make messaging simple! You can check out the emails below for staff members or check out the website!

Fr. Don Larson (Pastor)

Dcn. Greg Barcelone (Charity)

Janet Pearson (Parish Secretary)


Fernando Amaral (Facility rentals)


Lorraine Joseph ( Adult Faith Formation)

Ivy Barcelon (Young Family Faith Formation)

Michael Yeo (Bookkeeper)

Mathew Joseph (Communications)

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is this Wednesday, March 2nd. Our Masses will be at 9:00 a.m and 7:00 p.m

We are reminded of our mortality and the need for reconciliation with God. It is the first day of the season of Lent which is a season of fasting and prayer.

​If you are curious why we fast, click below!

Stations of the Cross

Every Friday during Lent there will be a Stations of the Cross in the Parish starting at 7:00p.m and Mass will follow afterwards. Before Stations the Knights will be serving soup and buns (Proof of Vaccination will be required)

We hope to see you there!

Hollow Prayer app

Do you find it difficult to pray every day? Or maybe you're in the habit of praying but you find it hard to focus? Hallow is a Catholic Prayer app that helps you pray and has a wide variety of content. I’ve been using the Hallow app every day for the best 2 years and it has transformed my prayer times.

Use the link below to get three months free of Hallow Premium!

Handmaids of the Lord Christian Life Program

The CFC- Handmaids of the Lord is conducting an online 8 week Christian Life Program starting Mar 12, 2022, Saturdays, at 7 pm. The program is open to all single mature women, widows, single mothers, and wives. The CFC- Handmaids of the Lord aims to provide Christian support environment to women seeking a close personal relationship with Jesus. The talks and discussions that follow help to renew your understanding of God's call to you.

To register call

Vangie Valle : (604) 722-9605

Myrna Chua : (778) 772-7268

CWL Purdys

The CWL is having a Purdys Easter Fundraiser. Place your orders online by visiting and joining campaign 56956.

Orders are due March 27th. Pick up orders on Friday, April 8th at 1 pm in the church parking lot.

Questions? email

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