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Jan 7th Parish Life

Find out what's been going on in the Parish

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  • Christmas At All Saints

  • Christmas Pageant At The Family Mass


Christmas At All Saints

Our Christmas Season was filled with celebration, joy, and traditions as we celebrated the birth of our Lord. We began with the Children’s Mass on Christmas Eve and moved into the Feast of the Holy Family. This feast celebrates the human family unit as well as the ultimate family unit: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. On this beautiful feast day, the Priest bestows a special blessing to all the babies in our Parish at Mass.

We began the year with honoring Mary our Mother at the feast of the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God.

We hope you felt the love, joy and peace of the season at our liturgies and that the child Jesus will fill your hearts and homes.

Christmas Pageant At The Family Mass

A big thank you to all the young families for coming out in large numbers and participating in the family Mass this Christmas. Special thanks to all the kids for showcasing their talent in bringing to life "The Christmas Story" . Thank you to all the parent volunteers for your support towards Young Family Faith Formation in the parish. 

Enjoy the pictures.

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