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Jan 7th What's Happening?

Find out what's happening in the Parish this week.

In this issue

  • Formed - St. Joseph: Our Spiritual Father

  • ALL Saints CWL Membership Drive

  • Employment Opportunity - Parish Bookkeeper

  • Search - New Video Series

  • Host Families Needed!

  • Donation To The Gordon Shelter



Have you been scrolling through on FORMED and wondered, what should I watch? Which would be interesting? Here is a recommendation.

St. Joseph: Our Spiritual father. Click on the Search icon and type in St. Joseph Our Spiritual Father and it will be the first video (58.12mins).

Joseph of Nazareth stands out as the model par excellence of Christian virtue, a brilliant example of obedience to God and trust in Divine Providence. His role as protector of families in the difficulties of life and Patron of the Church has never been more clearly needed. In addition to first-hand testimonials it provides viewers with a glimpse into one of the most incredible lives of all of human history - a figure whose spiritual fatherhood remains open to all of us.

All Saints CWL Membership Drive

Jan. 27/28 after all weekend Masses

The CWL council invites all women 16 years or older to join them for $50 a year. They accept various payment methods and do many charitable and social activities. Current members should renew their memberships soon.

The CWL council is a friendly group that welcomes new members. They will have a membership drive table on Jan. 27/28 after all weekend Masses. Come talk to us about CWL. The CWL is a great way to make new friends

All Saints is Hiring

The key duties, responsibilities and job requirements are available on the Parish website - 

Parish Bookkeeper: Parish Bookkeeper

Interested applicants can submit their resume and cover letter to:  with the job title in the subject line. Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted


Every Wednesday | Starts Jan 10th | 7 Weeks | Parish Hall | No Registration

Confirmation Retreat-Looking for host Families

Jan 27 & 28 | 2 or 3 persons | At your home!

The National Evangelization Team (NET Ministries) is facilitating the Confirmation Retreat at our parish on January 28th, 2024 and host families are needed for the NET Retreat members!

How can I help with housing needs for NET?

Housing for 8 team members, ages 18 – 28 (3 men and 5 women) is needed for 2 nights, the night of January 27 and January 28.  It is preferred that members are hosted in groups of 2 or 3 persons, and for both nights, however if you can only host for one night that will work too.  

The NET members' needs are basic.  A spot on the floor  with a camping mat at minimum or an extra bed if one is available; a meal or two with your family and a brown bag lunch or two. Additional details will be provided closer to their stay.

Host a NET member to two— you will be blessed by the experience!

To become a host family, email Sharon Dlima at

About NET Ministries? Click here for more information

Donation To The Gordon Shelter

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1 Comment

Bernadette Pierre
Bernadette Pierre
Jan 07

I have started watching this must-see series "Search" at home. It is worthwhile and insightful. I am grateful that this series will be available at All Saints Parish. Thank you!

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