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June 11th Pastor's Message

Read this week's message from Father Don


Dear friends,

Project Advance is a major source of funding for both the parish and the Archdiocese.

The 2022 diocesan campaign raised $7.25 million, with $150,000 of that coming from All Saints parishioners. We were able to keep two-thirds of the $150,000 for our own projects.

Every year the archdiocese retains $3 million to fund secondary school construction, archdiocesan ministries (e.g., chaplaincies, prison ministry, evangelization), and special grants to local charities. Our parishioners contribute $48,000 toward these archdiocesan priorities.

The 2023 parish campaign will raise money for the salaries of new and existing employees. I am sure you are grateful for the hard work of our parish staff and want to ensure they are properly compensated. In the past, the Church did not pay its workers adequately, due to lack of funds. This is no longer an acceptable practice in our pricey modern world.

The Parish Management Team is working on a proposal for the strengthening of our parish staffing, both employees and volunteer leaders. It will also be carrying out a review of the staff salaries to ensure they are not being underpaid.

Please help us reach our 2023 Project Advance goal of $150,000 so we can continue to build up All Saints as a strong spiritual community.

To donate go to and choose “All Saints” at the very top of the parish listings. Then enter your donation amount and means of payment. Your tax receipt will be emailed to you.


Father Don

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