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Sept, 25th Pastor Message

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Dear friends,

The readings at mass this weekend and last speak about money, a topic that is never far from our minds.

It seems the cost of everything keeps going up: groceries, travel, housing, entertainment. No wonder so many people worry about money. With the increased cost of living and declining revenue from wages and investment earnings, lots of families are struggling.

How are Christians meant to deal with this stressful situation? It is good to take our concerns about money to God in prayer. God cares deeply about our daily needs and knows we need money. He wants to give us assurance that “all will be well.” Here is a good prayer: Lord, help me to not worry so much about money and to believe everything is going to be OK.

Sometimes we feel it is unspiritual to bring our practical needs to God in prayer, as though prayer ought to be exclusively devoted to the pursuit of holiness. In fact, however, God cares about all aspects of our lives – finances, relationships, career - and wants to be involved in all of them. Asking divine assistance with practical needs is the most basic form of prayer, even non-believers pray for help when they cannot solve a situation for themselves.

God provides us with the financial support we need. For our part, we are to be grateful for what we receive but not put money at the centre of our lives.

Love Father Don

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