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Feb 13th, Parish Life

Find out how the New Year is going

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  • Faith Formation & RCIA Photos

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RCIA Photos

Our RCIA candidates and catechumens have been working hard on learning about the Catholic faith and even though the pandemic put restrictions on in-person gatherings, they continued to meet online. Here are some screenshots of our RCIA team and their candidates and catechumens and a testimony from one couple that is journeying


A testimony from RCIA candidates

Our journey through the RCIA program has been a wonderful experience. Each week, we look forward to our RCIA meeting. The presentations by our team leaders and the group discussions have given us a deeper foundation in our spirituality and how we should handle the challenges of daily life. When we became parents we knew it was necessary that we teach our children about God and put faith at the center of our family. They say children are a blessing and our blessings have led us to worship at All Saints Parish and we are so grateful for this opportunity of spiritual growth and community.


Milad & Jessica Lotfi



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