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March,13th Parish Life

Find out what's happening in the Parish

In this issue

  • New Discipleship Group

  • QAS Girls Basketball

  • Spirit Day

  • Homilies


New Discipleship Group

Parish renewal requires missionary disciples. One way of forming missionary disciples is through small discipleship groups who are committed to Christ and his work of salvation. At the start of the pandemic, Father Don brought together 3 discipleship groups. Over the last 2 years, the groups have grown in spiritual maturity and closeness to Christ. They have developed close friendships with each other and have worked together as a team on parish renewal.

At the beginning of this year, Father Don brought together another small group of faith formation leaders and formed them into our 4th discipleship group. This group of disciples has been working together since the fall of 2020 through online programs like Alpha, Discovery, Source, Growth, Trust and Commission. Over the next two years, this group will strengthen their spiritual life, while working on forming close friendships with each other. They will be able to work in person for most of their faith studies going forward. Please keep our newest disciples in your prayers. Our disciples are Laura Wilson(Leader), Toney Carpenetti, John Joseph, Jonathan Kersenns, Marijana Palmeri, Francis Liang.

QAS Girls Basketball

Congratulations to our Grade 7 Girls team, who won the CISVA Basketball Championship last week, by defeating Corpus Christi 39-16 in the championship game. Twenty-seven teams took part in the league this year.

Our team went undefeated this year and displayed great skill, teamwork and sportsmanship. Well done Girls!

Spirit Day

Queen of All Saints and PREP confirmation candidates participated in this year’s Spirit Day Event, Into the Wilderness in two streams: in-person, at the Chandos Auditorium in Surrey and livestream at the QAS school. It was a novel experience for the students to meet with other students from the archdiocese, and even more exciting to be back in person and see each other face-to-face!


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