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March 13th Pastor Message

Read this week's message from Father Don


Dear friends

What areas of the Church’s mission are we neglecting? What issues in the Church or society do we need to pay more attention to?

These are some of the questions discussed at the three Synod Consultation meetings held in the parish this week. Representatives from CWL, liturgical ministers, Parish Charity, faith formation, PREP, RCIA and the Discipleship groups joined in the meetings, plus a number of other parishioners. In total, about 65 individuals participated.

A report on the discussions was submitted to the archdiocese, who, in turn, will condense the parish submissions and send a report to the Canadian Conference of bishops. The CCCB will submit a report to the Holy Father on behalf of the Church in Canada.

Here were some of the comments received during our parish discussions:

The Church needs to address consumerism, marriage and family problems and the needs of young people. It must help the faithful grow in personal closeness to Christ and an eagerness to share their faith with others. More lay leadership is also required.

Parish community and parish belonging both need to be developed.

Church challenges include the busy modern lifestyle, the laity’s lack of engagement in parish renewal, declining mass attendance, the Church’s inward-looking focus and the lack of unity within Catholic communities.

Social concerns include political correctness, relativism and the excessive influence of the media. The Church must enter into an open and honest dialogue with the world that includes both listening and sharing.

It is helpful periodically to assess the present reality of Catholic life and identify areas where improvement is required. Thanks to those who joined in our Synod Consultation meeting

Love Fr Don

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