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March,13th What's Happening?

Find out what's happening in the Parish this new year.

In this issue

  • Coffee Sundays are back

  • Queen of All Saints School Wine Tasting Event

  • Stations of the Cross

  • CWL National Conference

  • A prayer of peace in Ukraine


Sunday Coffee is back

Spring has sprung and the smell of coffee is back on Sundays after morning Masses! Children playing, and families sharing stories bring back warmth to the parish community! We praise God for the good weather and for each other.

PREP confirmation students spend their mornings helping out in the parish as welcomers and servers at Sunday coffee. One of them commented in their journal about helping out:

I felt shy to offer help at the start, but then I started to enjoy it because the people were so nice!”

Queen of All Saints School Virtual Wine Tasting Event

Sat. April 23 @ 6pm

Set a reminder, gather your friends and family, and start preparing for a fun event. On Saturday, April 23 at 6:00 pm join us for a QAS fundraising event, a Virtual Wine Tasting!

It will be hosted by a professional Sommelier who will carefully arrange and guide you through a detailed tasting of wines. Charcuterie and dessert boxes are procured by a professional chef. Share with friends and family, everyone is welcome!

Registration will be coming soon.

Registration will be coming soon. Please see the QAS website for more info

Stations of the Cross

Every Friday during Lent, there will be Stations of the Cross in the Parish starting at 7:00p.m and Mass will follow afterwards. There will be Soup and Buns provided by Knights of Columbus starting 5:30 pm before the Stations of the Cross.

We hope to see you there!

CWL National Convention

Women of the Parish YOU are invited to come join catholic women from all across Canada here in Kelowna at the Delta Grand Hotel, this August 14 – 17th. You will have the opportunity to be a part of an amazing experience while gathering with hundreds of like-minded women, all coming together in faith, to grow in knowledge and love. Everyone is welcome! You can attend all 3 days or just one. The Catholic Women’s League of Canada will be holding their 102nd annual convention. You don’t have to be a member, just come check out the love of sisterhood! We are also inviting women to step forward to help the planning committee fulfill our theme Rejoice in the Vineyard of the Lord!

If you can give some of your time or would like more information on attending please contact Nancy Simms at .

We encourage you to go to for more information on who and what we’re all about

A prayer for peace in Ukraine

Development and Peace appeals and prays for peace in Ukraine and calls the faithful to stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. As an organization committed to justice and peace, we strongly condemn all acts of military aggression.

In the coming days, large numbers of people will likely end up displaced, needing help with meeting their basic needs. We have therefore made an immediate allocation of $75,000 to help with the provision of food, shelter, medical care and transport to safe locations. In addition, we ask for your solidarity and support to help us respond to the needs on the ground.

Last but not least, thank you for joining us in praying for peace

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